About Us

welcome to Urban Almanac Home Furnishings

a huge thanks to our wonderful customers & crew for their support as we celebrate 14 years in downtown fredericton.

our mission has always remained the same. big stores are vast in quantity but often extremely limited in quality. we specialize in a limited range of items, each of very high quality.

outstanding selection simplified

every item in our store is carefully chosen and selected for it's outstanding design, lasting value and fair price.

we do not blindly follow the latest fad or flavour of the month. at the Urban Almanac you will discover well made timeless designs mixed with a few modern classics.

integrity & commitment

our crew sets us apart. we love what we do and share a passion for design and commitment to quality. we let you make good decisions by giving you accurate information for every item.

our LOFT LEVEL proudly features custom upholstery, dining tables & cabinets proudly made in Canada, plus unique finds from around the world.

our goal is to make your visit a relaxed and stress free experience.

thank you for shopping with us.


andrew wilkins
urban almanac